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“The Monument”,  2016,  handcraft and metal, 700 x 750 x 500 cm.

 Library of Athens School of Fine Arts.


“The Monument” is an ensemble comprising three parts: a suspended piano, an upright body with its head in it, and a performer in this position who sings a tune from Lesbos. The piece is presented in an empty industrial area which allows the echo to turn the melodies and the lyrics into extended sounds. What you hear   resembles a monologue or lament, while the image derives from the Kores of the Erehtheion. The piano with a concealed metal frame  is draped in a white handcrafted cloth, while the female figure is dressed in the same cloth, so that it functions as a  complete body, with the piano for head.

                This piece speaks of the impossible marriage of a female figure with her local history, and at the same time of the insistence of the body and the spirit to be part of a whole with an identity and a history to narrate.

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