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My work of art is an audio-visual experience realized in a sculptural installation, a musical composition and a vocal performance; it investigates such areas as the habitation of the interpretation space, the interpreter as a living sound-box, tradition, and the absence of modern mechanisms for dealing with loss. I also present sketches which, as if  musical scores, reenact the moves of the voices, the position of the sounds in the space, the distances of noises and silences of the music.

          The works presented are mainly of large dimensions and are made from materials such as thick wool thread, velvet string, porcelain and a metal skeleton. The history and the organic quality of the materials play a prime part in the choice and synthesis, while at the same time their use refers to traditional arts and techniques, thus making my works of art witnesses of a past time.

         The forms, the shapes and the colors of the sculptures make references, more or less obvious, to elements of ancient Greek architecture such as, to Caryatids , Atlases, facades of monuments, decorative elements, cornices and friezes.

         These, however, are activated and  brought to completion by the presence of the performers-interpreters, where they take the place of living sound-boxes. My studies on the vocalization and composition of the music give me the possibility to compose music and sounds which are inseparable elements of my work. Much time is dedicated to the co-operation, co-existence and interaction among the performers, whether professionals or amateurs.

         Via the installations, the sounds, the interaction and the co-operation, the absence of modern mechanisms for dealing with loss is investigated. The sculptures imply either the presence or the absence of the human body and are usually extensions and dwellings of one or more bodies.

        In my research, I am helped by essays of Kostis Papageorgis , Simone Weil, the writings of Samuel Beckett and his videos made for television,  which I have thoroughly referred to  in  my diploma work  in the post graduate program ‘’art espace École Nationale Supérieure’’  in Paris. The musical compositions contain references to, among others, polyphonic songs from Northern Greece, polyphonies of Southern Italy, Celtic pentatonic vocal compositions and lyrics of traditional songs. And all these move from soft vocal tones to overwhelming  polyphonies.



-"Tabula Rasa" Robert Wilson'S Annual Watermill exhibition, currated by Noah Khoshbin and Ivan Cheng,

New York, Long Island, 2019.

-Co-currator with Annik Lavalleebenny and Alehandra Mendez for the project book "Once within a time" by Philip Glass, Robert Wilson, Goffrey Reggio.

New York, Long Island,  2019. 

–Artist in residence “China Taiyuan International Youth Metal Sculpture”, China Taiyuan  2018( First price honorable credential from 42participants).

– Group exhibition, "Theorimata",

National Museum of Contemporary Art,

Athens 2018.

– Mural municipal assignment "Give Blood , Share Life" Athens 2018.

– Group exhibition, "portes ouvertes à Rue D'Ulm"

Paris 2017.

–Group performance "art sans matière"

Departement de l'art éspace ENSAD Paris 2017.

– Group exhibition, "Anthropographies",

Benaki museum, Athens  2016.

– Group exhibition, “Shapes, Colors, Materials: The garden of sculptures",

Embassy of Italy, Athens  2016


– Group exhibition, "Rebetika"

Tsitsanis Museum, Trikala 2016

– Performence "video MFA experiments"

 askt auditorium, Athens 2015

– Group exhibition "The gnosis" circuits and currents gallery, Athens 2015

– Group exhibition "Art for All" santorini 2014


Athens School of Fine Arts,

Department of Sculpture, 2017

ENSAD  Paris l’Ecole Nationale superieure des arts

decoratifs ,(Erasmus scholarship), 2015-2016

ENSAD Paris Performance internship, Remy Yadan


ENSAD Paris exhibition internship, Patrice Joly 2016

Sculpture  placement at the National Archaeological Museum, Athens 2013 

Athens Conservatory School, Degree in

composiotion  of music 2011


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